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The Best Way to Cook Our Tapioca Pearls!! Chewy!! Chewy!!

<Pearl + Syrup>

Material: LeSoleilComestible Pearls, Water, Molasses

Weighted Ratio: Water 7: Tapioca 1


  • After the water is boiled, pour the pearls into the water and stir a few times to avoid the pearls sticking to the bottom, until all pearls are floating on the water surface.

  • Cook for 30 minutes on a medium heat of 1000w (the pot is half covered), and then stuffed for 30 minutes.

Note: If you meet the 7:1 weighted ratio, You do not need to stir during the cooking and stuffing process.)

  • Drain the pearls and soak in cold water for one minute. During the soaking process, keep stirring to separate the pearls.

  • Drain the pearls and stir with your molasses. (The surface of molasses has to be over the pearls you cooked)

* Don't have your own molasses receipt? Here is a classic one made from the sugar!

Cold Water : Boiled Water : Sugar = 1: 1: 1

Use boiled water to melt the sugar and mix with the cold water!

Now you have our tapiocas at their best tasting !! Chewy ! Chewy !



原材料:思蕾品牌 珍珠、水、糖蜜

用料比例:水:珍珠= 7:1


  • 水烧开后倒入珍珠,倒入珍珠后搅拌几下,避免珍珠粘底

  • 1000w中火煮30分钟2(锅盖半盖),然后闷30分钟。

(注意:若满足水与珍珠 7:1 用料配比,煮和闷的过程中不需要搅动。)

  • 沥出珍珠,冷水泡一分钟,泡的过程中需不断搅拌使珍珠分离。

  • 沥出珍珠并拌入糖蜜里。(糖蜜要没过珍珠)


冷水:热水:糖 = 1:1:1


DUANG! 您将拥有我们品牌珍珠最佳的口感!

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